A tradition that goes back thousands of years

Blacksmithing has a tradition in Vietnam that goes back thousands of years. One of the oldest and most astonishing examples of metalworking are the Dong Son drums, bronze drums that were cast in Vietnam over two thousand years ago. Our logo symbolizes a Dong Son drum with a 14-rayed sun symbol as a reference to the long tradition of blacksmithing in Vietnam.

Handicrafts of the ethnic minorities

Cultural diversity is a defining attribute of Vietnam. In addition to the largest population group, the Kinh, there are over 50 ethnic minorities in Vietnam, each of them are defined by their own culture, language and tradition.The ethnic minorities make up 15% of the total population of Vietnam. They live mainly in the northern mountains and are known for their handicrafts, such as: weaving of fabrics, and making of musical instruments, casting items.

Forging tradition of the Nung ethnic minority


The Nung ethnic minority lives in the province of Cao Bang, a remote region in the northeast of Vietnam. They practice the forging tradition that goes back to the 11th century. In the early days, the villagers produced weapons to fight against the Song army. It is also said that the villagers used to cast cannons and grenades, especially during the resistance war against French colonialism. After the war, they turned to forging tools and farming equipment. Most of the smithy are family-run and continue for generations.




With Heritedge we want to introduce high-quality, traditionally handcrafted knives to a wide audience and thus contribute to the preservation of this unique culture. We work directly with the families in Cao Bang and import the knives to Germany without intermediaries. In this way we can guarantee the quality and authenticity of the knives at an affordable price.


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