Where do the knives come from?

Our knives are handcrafted in a small village in the Cao Bang province in northeast Vietnam. The people there have been making forged products of high craftsmanship and quality for many centuries.

How do you ensure the quality?

We work directly with the forge manufacturer and export the knives to Germany without intermediaries. In this way we can guarantee a high level of transparency and quality and ensure that the on-site forge benefits directly from your products.

How do I care for the knives?

After each use, the knives should be washed by hand without detergent and dried. Dishwashers can damage the blade and handle.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we give a 2 year guarantee on our knives if used properly.

How does the shipping work?

Our knives are sent directly from Germany. Shipping takes 3-5 working days. If you don’t like the knives, we offer a 14-day return guarantee. In this case, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

We would appreciate it if you inform us via email before you return the item, so that we can arrange your return payment timely. Our email address is [email protected].

In case of defective Products

If the wrong product was delivered, it was damaged by the shipping company, or it is otherwise defective, we will cover the cost of shipping the defective products.

Please inform us first by e-mail with the necessary information. We will then send you the shipping slip to print out and return the item to us. We will also send you the replacement product after receiving your information.