about us

We would like to bring you closer to the fascinating handicrafts of Vietnam with the knives from the Cao Bang region.

Who we are

We are Yen from Vietnam and Daniel from Germany.

For many years we have lived in Vietnam and traveled frequently in the country, most of the time with our motor scooters. That’s the way we got to know the diverse culture of the ethnic minorities, appreciate their hospitality and their handicrafts. On a trip to the far north, we visited a forge village in the Cao Bang region that produces high-quality, handcrafted kitchen knives in a centuries-old tradition.




Like many handicraft businesses in Vietnam, blacksmiths are facing competition from industrially produced goods. The situation leads to a growing number of young people leaving for the big cities, the loss of jobs and the cultural diversity of the region.



Since 2019 we moved to Berlin and founded Heritedge Viet Crafts. With that we want to introduce such high-quality, handcrafted knives for everyday use in order to contribute to the preservation of a centuries-old forging tradition.

We work directly with the blacksmith on site on and can thus directly maintain the sustainable good quality of the products and fair wage scheme.


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