In this section we would like to show you how our knives are made.

Choosing the right materials is of great importance

The experience and craftsmanship of the blacksmith are no doubts what make our knives special but choosing the right materials is also very important for the knife quality.


The blades of our carbon steel knives are made from the steel of leaf springs from old vehicles. A leaf spring is a simple type of spring commonly used for suspension in vehicles and is made from assembled steel plates. Due to the high carbon content of the leaf springs, the steel retains its hardness and flexibility after heating and is very easy to sharpen.

The steel for our stainless steel blades is produced in the region. By keeping the transport routes as short as possible, we minimize our CO² footprint and ensure that the materials for our knives come 100% from Vietnam.


In other places, the craftsmen often use hard coal for heat treatment, for our knives we use charcoal made from hardwood. Charcoal is easy to make and makes a better steel color. To be make the knives more consistent, the water for the heat treatment is also mixed using special methods.


The manufacturing process

The process of making our knives involves four main steps: cutting, forging, sharpening and attaching the handle.In which, blade heat treating and forging processes are the essential steps that make the famous knife reputation of Nung An people.  Through heat treating the steel become harder and tougher, while less ductible, less weldability.