Sustainability has always played an important role in the manufacturing of our knives.

As the northern mountains of Vietnam are poor in resources, with poorly fertile soils and difficult weather conditions,sustainable handling of the materials used is of great importance.

The blades for our carbon steel knives are made from recycled spare parts of old vehicles,that is called leaf spring suspension. They consist of thin, hard steel bars that are assembled over each other.

The combination of hardness and elasticity – typical properties of leaf springs – makes the steel ideal for further processing into blades.

We also pay attention to a resource-saving working method in the manufacture of the knife handles.

The wood for the handles is obtained from old stilt houses. The piles are the load-bearing elements of the houses and are made of high-quality, durable wood. After the houses have been demolished, the stakes are brought to the blacksmith, who craft them into knife handles.

The production of our knives guarantees that old materials are reprocessed in the sense of a circular economy and environmentally friendly method.

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